January 8

WPX Website Hosting Review With Discount Code


The driving reason website owners choose WPX hosting over competing providers is because it's fast. Really fast.

On top of this, WPX also offers a custom built fast CDN, free quick website migrations, and an always available online live chat help desk.  Even the live chat is fast, with a 30-second average response time. 

Oh, and the entry level plan costs half as much as the second fastest WordPress Hosting Provider.

How Fast Is WPX Hosting?

Matthew Woodward, a UK blogger, recently performed comparative testing of WPX and some of the other fastest website hosts for WordPress websites. Here is a summary of his findings for five of the fastest Hosts.

If your web pages take longer than three seconds to load your bounce rate increases dramatically. Recent Google test data indicates even a tenth of a second improvement in website load speed can increase conversions by retail customers of 8.4%. 

Why one of the top WordPress Theme Developers only recommends WPX Hosting

Thrive is a sophisticated conversion-focused suite of themes and drag-and-drop page enhancement tools. It has evolved over the last few years into one of the top WordPress website builders.

Without knowing how to code, Thrive lets it's users create website pages that are attractive and geared towards getting readers to take action.

One of the most important conversion factors is website speed, so Thrive has become somewhat obsessed with making their products fast. Early on, however, Thrive recognized that there are some factors that affect fast performance that cannot be built into Thrive's coding and architecture.

The servers that websites are hosted on is one of those factors. 

For a long time Thrive would not recommend a single website hosting provider because cheaper hosting was too slow, and faster hosting cost hundreds of dollars. Then they discovered WPX (it was called Traffic Planet Hosting when they first started recommending it).

Thrive now recommends WPX hosting over every other host they've looked at because:

  1. 1
    "It provides blazingly fast website loading performance."
  2. 2
    "Great service and support (including free website migration)."
  3. 3
    "It's underpriced. Compared to other hosts it's an absolute steal."

What else does WPX have going for it?

  • Fast is great, but it might not be enough without good customer service. WPX provides quick turnarounds on help requests, and provides 24/7 online chat, 365 days per year.
  • Free, fast Site Migrations from your old hosts to WPX.
  • Free, fast Content Delivery Network.
  • Free SSLs for each of your WPX sites
  • Free email service using your WPX urls. No need to pay for or configure third party email services, or worse yet, have to go with unprofessional looking gmail accounts.
  • Free automatic site backups.
  • Free daily malware scanning and removal.
  • One-click WordPress installations.
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee.
  • If you're not blown away by WPX within the first 30 days, just cancel and they will give you your money back.


The theory behind Content Delivery Networks is to store website static information on geographically distributed servers. That information can then be delivered more quickly from whichever server is closest to the website visitor.    

Not all CDNs actually speed up website performance, however. If your website also has dynamic content, that information usually cannot be stored on a geographically distributed network of servers, so it takes more time to be delivered to site visitors.

Recognizing the limitations of conventional CDNs, WPX designed their own custom CDN from the ground up. Their globally distributed CDN servers are designed to cache both static and dynamic resources, providing much quicker response times on WordPress websites.

This allows static information to be cached and revalidated just once a week. Dynamic content is also cached, but WPX's innovation is to capture the dynamic signatures of these resources by revalidating twice a minute. Even HTML resources are cached, receiving revalidation once a minute.

The bottom line is even faster web page load times for WPX subscribers.

Just how much of a steal is WPX?

WPX monthly pricing

WPX Hosting provides better value than any of the other top fastest managed WordPress hosts. Only considering performance, the closest competitors to WPX are Kinsta and Pantheon. But Kinsta only allows one website instead of five, and WPX is half the cost of Pantheon.

WPX is one of the best business choices I've made in the past 4 years. Very easy to work with. Customer support is something to model after. I don't know how they train their staff, but I want to know. Everyone is helpful beyond what I expect, respectful and QUICK!

Christopher Browning

Incredible product (like everything works and works really fast and really good!) Amazing service - the customer support is next level. They are kind, patient and incredibly helpful! And responses are fast and for the most part, real time. Lastly they are always introducing new and beneficial features. In my time with them (almost 4 years) I've seen added free SSL, free staging environment, free CDN, free daily backups (and there's more but that's all i can think of off the top of my head. All this on top of a bulletproof service where the price has not changed in my time. Thanks WPX... you guys slay!

Jesse Milani

WPX's CEO is lying!

Their live support response time is not under 30 seconds.

It has ALWAYS been under THREE (3) seconds for me!!!

Also, it's not the best hosting support out there.

It's the best customer service I have EVER experienced in ANY industry in my whole life!

EVERYTHING is lightning fast! Servers, support, client area. I wish I could migrate my car.

It's past good business practices. This is at the ART level now.

Seriously. I discovered the service a month ago, and I'm already migrating everything to them.

To whoever created this value-producing machine: congratulations and THANK YOU!

Eric Goodlife


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