November 9

Sample Hotspot Offer Invitation Letter


Feel free to use this sample letter, or rewrite it as you like, to send to people you want to invite to get a Helium Hotspot miner and become part of your iHub affiliate team. 

I recommend that you send it via USPS, with a hand-addressed envelope, addressed to the name of the owner at the business or residence.

Dear [insert name],

I’m your [city name] neighbor at [your address].

I have an offer for you that could potentially earn you a couple hundred dollars or more a month.  As in month after month, with no work and a small cost to you. 

But there’s only room for a few hosts in our area. If you want the Helium mining hotspot for your neighborhood area you need to reserve it before one of your neighbors does. It’s first-come first-served.

Want to know how much you can make at your location with a helium hotspot miner? Just email me with your name and address and I’ll send you a free mining assessment letting you know if you’re eligible and showing you how much other hotspots are making in your area.

This is not a joke. It's a real opportunity, that you may not see again.

Your neighbor, [your name] [your email address]

P.S. Want more information?

I’ve recorded a short free video (or video series) about this opportunity. Find out the details of how you can make your own free-money passive income. Just go to [url address for your video or videos].

No time to watch my videos? No problem. Just go to [your iHub affiliate link/website address], see if your location qualifies, and reserve your free hotspot location.


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